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Meet Cleocatra "Cleo", our regal and enchanting Bengal queen. With her striking spotted coat and captivating green eyes, Cleo embodies the grace and elegance of ancient Egyptian royalty.  Cleo comes from a prestigious lineage, showcasing the beauty and intelligence characteristic of Bengal cats.

Cleo's playful and affectionate nature is truly one-of-a-kind. She enjoys interactive play sessions and delights in the company of both humans and fellow feline companions. Cleo has passed on her delightful temperament to her offspring, and her nurturing instincts shine through as she oversees the antics of her lively kittens.

As a cornerstone of our cattery, Cleo has been health-screened and received top-notch veterinary care, ensuring her well-being and the health of her kittens. Her legacy is woven into the vibrant tapestry of our Bengal cat family, and she continues to enchant everyone who crosses her path.


Meet Lily, the playful and affectionate Bengal beauty that adds a touch of whimsy to our cattery. Lily is a charming spotted Bengal with a coat that sparkles like moonlight on water. Her inquisitive green eyes reveal a mischievous spirit and an intelligence that keeps us all on our toes.

Lily's endearing personality extends to her love for interactive play and cuddle sessions. Whether chasing feather toys or curling up in a sunny spot, Lily brings joy and warmth to everyone around her. Her gentle nature makes her a favorite among both humans and her feline companions.

As a cherished member of our cattery, Lily has undergone thorough health screenings and received dedicated veterinary care. Her lineage showcases the finest qualities of Bengal cats, and her playful spirit is mirrored in the kittens she nurtures.

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